1. Digitize a process in 1 hour
2. Establish your management system in 1 week
3. Transform your organization in 1 month

A single management platform to digitize any non-ERP / Accounting processes, DO-IT YOURSELF without administration.

You don't have to wait, take advantage of the new system and method from the start.
How does it work?
Digitalize and streamline a process

1. Establish the process by identify steps, instructions, and outputs.

2. Automate the process by defining team roles and handovers.

3. Launch and let your team improve the process.

Establish your Management System

1. Select and/or customize templates for to assure compliance with Regulatory Business Requirements, Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental requirements.

2. Enter objectives and reviews at the desired frequency and improvement activities based on your findings.

3. Monitor improvements and performance of your organization.

Transform your organization

1. Model your organization's process hierarchy and as needed, include top management system.

2. Identify outputs for each major processes.

3. Evaluate current systems to integrate and streamline each process.

Features and Pricing

Document Control and Training
QHSE Compliance
Business Optimization, Digitalization and Project Management
Enterprise Solution
  1. Document approval process with elecronic signature.
  2. Roles and responsibilties
  3. Notifications and training
  1. Cascaded goals, objectives and targets.
  2. Overall Risk Management
  3. Nonconforming Handling
  4. Ready-to-use templates for QHSE compliance
  1. Process activity templates
  2. Company overall calendar
  3. Automated process flows
  4. Standard Email Integration
  1. Team and collaborator calendar
  2. Performance charts
  3. Activity sharing with external collaborators
  4. Unlimited workspaces
  5. Corporate group view

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