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We specialize in assisting small and medium-sized companies with quality assurance, project management, and process optimization – essentially, helping them implement efficient engineering business processes. If an ISO certification is desired, we will help you all the way until the goal is reached.

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Project-oriented companies

We help architects, industrial automation developers, product developers and other technical consultancies who need to define project-specific customer, standard and legal requirements. Our digital platform provides tools that support project management needs such as dashboards and ad-hoc team collaboration.

Production and manufacturing

Production companies are dependent on outsourcing and globalization to achieve lower costs. Here, inefficiency and quality problems can become a risk, but with our digital platform, you have the opportunity to design products, plan production, obtain production data, manage suppliers, improve final inspections and quality control, manage maintenance and follow calibration plan.


The machine industry can benefit from the structured solution offered by exeQute. We offer a simple solution to ensure employee training and knowledge sharing. The certification process for both employees and equipment is embedded in the system, as well as the possibility of accessing documentation and deviating reporting on the floor.


exeQute supports the service industry by improving efficiency, increasing quality and reducing the level of waste and delays. We meet flawless business goals through a standardized system and the company's activities, training and documents are consolidated in our platform to achieve a complete overview.


We carry out a thorough GAP analysis of your company and identify problems with regard to quality assurance and certification. You gain an overview of which improvements you have to deal with when optimizing internal processes.


We implement proposed solutions to the identified problems and structure your internal processes. We thus ensure a solid and sustainable method for optimizing the company's processes.


In the day-to-day running of your company, you get the opportunity to use our eQMS and advice to streamline and optimize. You thereby ensure quality in internal processes and obtain an overview and daily quality management.


ISO Management

ISO 9001
Our digital platform tool is structured according to the HHL structure. Your company will be ready to meet all major quality, health, safety and environmental management system requirements and can thus be certified to ISO 9001:2015.
ISO 14001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is a strategic initiative and stands behind ISO 14001. Our digital platform integrates seamlessly with your company's internal processes.
ISO 45001
We help your organization to meet the standard requirements of ISO 45001, through a structured framework for your company to achieve an effective system for the environment (EMS).