Turn suppliers into partners

With the special designed access tool in the platform, N'Ginie supports seamless communication with suppliers, and integrates them securely into your operation.

Build a strong relationship with suppliers

N'Ginie delivers a single source of truth needed while managing suppliers.

This includes:
- assessing vendor risk profiles
- analyzing supplier metrics
- managing compliance and
- keeping a central location for your team to align with the procurement strategy
The supplier selection and approval process shall not only be browsing through potential suppliers and sending them a list of the products or services you need. N'Ginie provides a structured process to collect proposals and onboard your supplier by your team in a defined workflow to adhere government and company policy faster.
Precise and direct communications are essential for your suppliers to deliver the right products, the issues resolved promptly and effectively, and your orders arriving on-time. N'Ginie delivers the capability for a simple and effective supplier management process for each order. N'Ginie serves as a source of historical data on orders, issues, and decisions taken on supplier issues.
A procurement platform can be used as a quick support channel for taking note and fixing issues raised by vendors in order to work on them before they escalate.