We conduct a GAP-Analysis of your company to uncover where your company has challenges in quality management and possible ISO certification. Based on this analysis, we put together solutions for your internal processes!

GAP- Analysis for Strategic Advantage

The GAP-Aalysis identifies the disparities between the current state of a business and its desired objectives or standards.
 It helps pinpoint areas of improvement and guides the development of strategies to bridge those gaps.
Within a very short time, your company will experience tangible benefits of our cooperation, e.g. costs reduction, streamlined internal processes, qualified and professional advice.
Basic: Assessment that identifies the company's status related to an ISO management system as well as possible improvement activities for efficiency improvements.

Professional: Detailed assessment that provides a complete list of gaps in an ISO management system. The assessment report also provides an overview of the necessary changes and an estimated project plan for implementing the ISO management system.

Premium: Comprehensive assessment that provides a complete list of gaps and suggested solutions to each gap, according to the company's available systems and knowledge. The gap assessment report includes a detailed description of resources and the project timeline for implementation and expected operations over time.

Three levels of access to our consultancy, quality assurance and platform tool.


Here we gain a basic understanding of your business through the gap analysis. We use the GAP analysis to give you a general overview of issues in your quality management and the opportunity to use our digital platform tool for your future quality assurance.


At this level, we use the GAP analysis to make a detailed assessment of issues related to quality assurance and ISO certification. You will receive a report from us that gives you an overview of the necessary changes and a project plan for the complete implementation of our digital platform tool.  


Here we offer your company a comprehensive assessment and report that provides a complete list of all problems, as well as solutions to them. The gap analysis and the associated report also contain a detailed description of your available resources.